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Sex: Female

Name: Blaze the Cat

Age: ??

Orientation: Bisexual, unbelievably picky

Maritial Status: Single

Occupation: Princess, Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, protector of the Sol Dimension

Weapon: Claws, Martial Arts, Pyromancy

Theme:Ska Cha Cha (Blazy Mix)

Battle Theme:Through the Flames


"I am the guardian of the Sol Emeralds... It is a fate that forces me to live with my curse, my flames... Because of my powers, I have always been alone... It's also why I must do this alone! It is my responsibility! "


 As the Princess of the Sol Dimension, Blaze the Cat has many responsibilities, including being the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Blaze has pyrokinesis, and can manipulate fire. Burdened and mocked for her powers since a young age, the fire cat remains surprisingly cold to the presence of others. Though often making reckless and bad decisions, Blaze is always willing to help someone in need and isn't afraid to put her own life on the line.


 Signature combat abilities include:

Axel Tornado:

Fire Claw:

Fire Boost:

Burst Hover:

Burst Dash:

Burning Blaze:


Theoretical Smash Moveset

& OOC Section


Slower than Sonic, but stronger and with more versatility, both in mobility and combat. Will elaborate more another time.


Special Moves



UP SPECIAL: "Name Here"



Smash Attacks

SIDE SMASH: "Name Here"
The word "Description" is starting to have that effect where the word just sounds weird and has no meaning anymore.

UP SMASH: "Name Here"
Why don't I feel the same way about "Name Here" as I do "Description" ???

DOWN SMASH: "Name Here"
such description

much info








Final Smash
"Burning Blaze!"


What else would it be? Description to follow someday.





Thank you for reading my profile! I hope it will be a very informative reference sheet in the future. Please don't hesitate to speak to me, ask me questions, or even provide suggestions! I promise I will always reply, so if I'm silent, you're not being ignored*! One of many things could be happening; I could be asleep, or at work, or with my roommates, or even just stepping away from the computer. Sometimes I go for a drink of water, and end up in a 45 minute chat with the roomies. Sometimes I get stuck with stupid chores to do. It never ends, am I right? Anyways, I promise you will always get a reply from me. Eventually. The sole exclusion to this is down below. I try to be timely, though! Please do not PM me In Character, it makes me uncomfortable and these messages I tend to shrug off. Oh, and one more thing: Honesty is the best policy! Really! I wont judge you for being honest or straight forward. I'm not saying you'll get what you want, but if I know what it is you want, I can be much more forward about the do's and don'ts, ya dig?


ABOUT SMUT: I'm not against it, but I will say that I do want to know someone for awhile first. I'm not a very sexually driven person, so it's not likely in general. But you never know, right?

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