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Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumpin' on my floor
She said "Come on baby, I got a licence for love
And if it expires, pray help from above." 

Dope (Rebel Yell)


The Stats of Jenny Romano/The Angelus:



The Angelus

Current Host:

Jenny Romano

Other Hosts:

Unknown at this time


Unaging/Functionally Immortal (the Angelus Force)

22 (Jenny)


Divine Entity

Destroyer of Evil

One of 13 Artifacts

Primordial Light


Bride of Inti

Sister of Light


One-Time 'Mate':

The Darkness


The Witchblade (The Angelus Force)


Formerly Jackie Estacado (before her first death)



Waitress (Jenny)

Warrior of Order and Light (Angelus)


The History of Jenny Romano:

The Angelus Force

The Angelus entity is the embodiment of light and is the equal and opposite force of the Darkness. Both the Angelus and the Darkness are two of the most powerful entities that make up the the 13 Artifacts. Like the Darkness, the Angelus requires a human host to act through in the corporeal world. Unlike the Darkness, however, the Angelus entity forms a symbiotic bond with its host and takes complete control over its mind and body, allowing it no free will of its own. Since the Angelus is a force of light and order, it seeks to destroy anything that is dark and chaotic, while disregarding mortal rules and laws. The Angelus' age is still unknown at this time, yet, she has stated that she and the Darkness have been at war with each other since the creation. Although, sometime during the Angelus' past, it made a truce with the Darkness, and together they conceived a child that would later be known as the Witchblade artifact and represent the eternal balance that exists between the Angelus and the Darkness.

Jenny Romano

The Darkness (Video Game)

Jenny Romano was the long time girlfriend of Jackie Estacado. They had a strong relationship based on Jackie's dishonesty about what he does for a living. He tries to explain that he is a contract killer for Uncle Paulie , but she just laughs it off. She was kidnapped and killed by Paulie Franchetti.

Jenny is kidnapped by Uncle Paulie and Eddie Shrote and taken to St. Mary's Orphanage where her and Jackie grew up. After Jackie fights through the hordes of goons that Uncle Paulie and Schrote throw at him, the Darkness forces Jackie to watch the confrontation between Jenny and the two murderers. Paulie pistol-whips Jenny in the face and belittles her and Jackie for what they have supposedly done. The two notice Jackie is being forced to watch by The Darkness and drag Jenny over to the door. Paulie continues to mock and criticize Jackie for betraying him. He then forces Jenny against the door and shoots her in the head.

Jenny is mentioned and seen after her death in the game. The Darkness uses Jenny as a way to torment Jackie and force him into choosing his way. She is seen the second time Jackie visits The Otherworld in order to gain control of The Darkness. She can briefly be heard advising Jackie during his battle with The Darkness and she can be seen in the light hidden behind The Darkness during the fight. Her final appearance in The Darkness is at the end of the game. Jackie awakes in a dream-like place and finds himself laying in Jenny's arms. She explains that they are given one last moment together to say goodbye and that "that's all they can allow". Jackie asks who but Jenny silences him and tells him he has to wake up. The game ends with the camera panning up into the sky.

The Darkness II (Video Game)

Jenny is seen in an hallucination of Jackie's early in the game, when he remembers the night before his birthday, which was also the night he lost Jenny.  Later in the story, when Jackie dies, for the second time, he learns a horrifying truth about why he's been seeing and hearing Jenny so much since regaining his powers: the Darkness has, for the past two years, kept her soul to be tortured in its own dimension, as both a bargaining tool against Jackie, and for more personal reasons.

This sets Jackie on a quest to obtain the Siphon of the Angelus from the leader of the Brotherhood, Viktor, so he can kill himself permanently, to enter the Darkness' realm.  When this actually fails, the Darkling that's been Jackie's constant companion intervenes, and, at the cost of its life, helps Jackie get to the other dimension, where he begins cutting a swath of destruction, finally freeing Jenny from her torment.  However...

Shortly after their reunion, a sorrowful Jenny is transformed into the latest incarnation of the Angelus - the main reason the Darkness kept her soul trapped, so that its eternal enemy wouldn't rise up to kill it or stop it in any way - who then traps Jackie in the now-empty void that belongs to the Darkness, while she/it/they return to the world of the living.


The Abilities of The Angelus:

When the Angelus is bonded with its host it grants a number of abilities including enhanced strength, speed, self-propelled flight, teleportation, various light and fire based powers, and all of the memories of the previous Angelus hosts. The Angelus is also capable of creating a variety of objects including weapons and sentient life forms out of light. The Angelus has an easier time creating humanoid life forms, including mortals when compared to the current host of the Darkness since she is able to remember how to do this every time she is reborn. The Angelus leads and is often accompanied by a number of her winged warriors she has created, however, unlike the Darkness, her warriors do not dissipate when she is hostless, and in fact continue to do her bidding until she can return to them. Since the Angelus is an entity made of light, it is weak against darkness, and can only sustain its power in the dark for short periods of time, since it drains her power at a more rapid rate.




The Roleplayer's OOC:

I'm very PM friendly, so don't hesitate to send me a PM if you see me around. I'm open to anything story-based, though preferably clean if I don't know you well enough.  If I seem rude to you in the room, I may be in character, and she's rather...blunt.  Especially if you're playing one of her two 'unnatural enemies', the Witchblade host and the Darkness host.  The Jenny Romano version of the Angelus hails from the PS3/360/PC game The Darkness II, and I won't exactly spoil how she comes about, unless you ask.  Everything else is taken from the Top Cow series the Darkness, the Witchlade, and the other issues/series the Angelus and its various hosts and would-be hosts have appeared in.  My information partially comes from differnet third party sources, considering recent personal troubles and other concerns.

This profile HAS been updated since it's creation, which is a good thing, in my opinion, as it DOES have a special place in my heart, so to speak.