Nicknames : Kip, Kippy, Kipper the Corsair
Gender : Male
Orientation :
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Kipper the Corsair

Nick Names: Kip, Kippy

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Height: 5"1

Species: Mink Tribe (Sea Otter)

Orientation: Unsure

Status: Single


Personality: Kipper is said to be strange and eccentric by others. He is rather socially awkward, naive about some things, and easily excited. His curiosity and love of shiny things has brought him some trouble as well. There are times when he is rather clumsy as well but that changes when he is doing something serious. He does have a few issues... Getting distracted by shinny things, putting his nose where it doesn't belong, and stealing things without thinking... even when he has no intention of doing so. It's become second nature because it's how he survives.


Likes: Seafood in general, beaches, shells, shinny things, and swimming


History: Not much is known about Kipper in the public but once you get to know him he will share this information. All that is known about him is that he appeared one day at sea and has been causing chaos for any ship that he happens across. He is known for sneaking aboard ships, stealing supplies, and anything he can get his grubby little paws on. He has been spotted a few times but had only been caught once and has a scar to remember it by. Thankfully he managed to escape before the pirates he was stealing from ended his life.


Job:  Theif/Gathers Supplies/Scout/Spy/Life Guard

Crew: Armory Pirates

Weapons/Equipment: Daggers, Fishing Net, Spear, Goggles, Waterproof Backpack, Climbing Claws, and thieves picks.

Skills: Swimming(has no need for a boat), floating, fishing, diving for long periods of time, sneaking, stealing things, picking locks, and finding traps. The sea is his home and his friend with or without a boat. He is stronger than average but compared to other members of the Mink Tribe he isn't that strong. But when it comes to agility, speed, and dextarity those are clearly his strong suits. He isn't a fighter but a rogue... but that doesnt' mean he can't fight. He just prefers to avoid that if he can. He can also use Electro like all Minks and can channel it through his tools and weapons.

Bounty: $30,000 for stealing/pranking pirates, merchants, any any ship he crosses.