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Name Ban The Immortal Sin
Nick Name Undead Ban, Fox Sin of Greed
Gender Male
Age Looks 23 / 1000+
Height 6'11
Weight 154 lbs
Occupation Seven Deadly Sins, Bandit, Holy Knight, Chef
Sexuality Straight
Theme Invincible


He is a rather passionate man, taking action with what ever happens to catch his interest. He is often Greedy, as per his name, and shows Selfish Desires. Despite that he will stop his actions if given a good enough reason. He also has a strange habit of speaking in a little 'Sing Song' tone now and then showing he can be playful as well.


Despite his Greed and Selfish traits he can be caring, coming to the defense of those he feels are kind towards him.


He can also be easily surprised and excited.


He has a hatred for Demons because one is responsible for killing a Love of his, Elaine.


Other Stats


Enhanced Senses.

Super Human Strength.

Immortal - Regenerative

Hypersonic speed. (Very Fast)

Extreme Stamina

Weakness - The more strength he exerts the bigger the fallout. (Paralasys during recooperation.)


Brief History...


Youth Sucked.


Demons are Ass Holes.


Immortality isn't what it's cracked up to be..


Stuffed Animals are Cool... Prove me Wrong.


Magicians Cheat in a Fight...


Don't Touch the Captains Sword!!


Being Imprisoned can be Fun.





Friend - Info


Friend - Info


Friend - Info


Not PM Friendly, unless I know you from an RP.


That is pretty much it...