Nicknames : Lord of the Waters, Tiger, Menace of the waters
Gender : Male
Orientation : Straight
Age(s) : 25
Postlength : Para to longer, mostly depending on the RP
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Name: Toyesh x Alias: Tiger x Age: 30 x Species: Tigershark Fishman x Height: 7'4" x Weight: 324 x Crew: Red Eye'd pirates x Bounty: 200,000,000


Toyesh had wanted to be a Pirate since a young age, the great battle at the Marinefold is still to this day his favorite topic. Seeing the power Jinbei showed off was his source of inspiration as well as Whitebeard's utter determination to save his family. It was enough to motivate Toyesh into studying Fishman Karate for years before he left, believing he had no more to learn. Knowing he had the strength to be a pirate, he'd set out to find a crew. With a few knowing of his brains, they had figured to use his strength as a member of a fake group of pirates calling themselves the Sun Pirates. The name alone was enough to recruit him, believing he'd been accepted into the famed Fishman Pirate group.


His ruthlessness was quickly spread through the New World after his years of service to the pirates. His punch first and ask never mindset came from these pirates, often sent to handle anything that would cause them trouble while a few select others would go off and commit darker deeds. It wasn't until years later that he'd discovered that his crew was committing darker deeds behind his back, the moment that he discovered it... It was too late. His name wanted at a higher level once they had discovered the remains of the pirate crew he was with. This is where Toyesh's story is followed as he travels the seas alone, quietly searching for a crew he can follow and a captain he can lead to becoming the King of the Pirates.


Recently, Toyesh came across a pirate on his own and opted to avoid him at first until he was forced to save the poor kid from drowning at sea. He wasn't going to linger, but in time he'd grown quite fond of the male, befriending him and soon found himself following him to find a crew befitting for the two. He learned much about the man, soon and quickly learning of his Marine family, even meeting them once before the two had to fight their way to freedom. Now on a random island, the two did odd jobs to build up money to move on and find a proper crew, little did the two know they would discover a crew who washed up on the shore and made quick friends with them.



Toyesh has become rather untrustworthy of people, his experience with a Fishman Pirate group had led him to this distrust with Fishman pirates. As far as others species and those living at Fishman Island, Toyesh listens. He isn't much of a talker, but he acts by heart and often means well.


Those that Toyesh is familiar with, and on a good note with him, he treats them with respect, almost much like he would with his former master. He was never much of a leader himself, following and learning from those he calls friends. He is a bit of a showoff, though it sometimes acts as a front for his care. Rather putting himself in danger, to avoid getting his friends hurt. He'll fight for anyone he deems worthy of his respect, often further than he should.


When one finds themselves on the bad end of the stick, with Toyesh, he listens to nothing they have to say. If anything, he'll find a way to start a fight, he won't swing first but he'll be sure to get the last. It's often best to avoid becoming enemies with Toyesh, simply because of his stubbornness.

Skills and abilities

Toyesh has a vast knowledge of the Fishman martial arts, Fishman Karate mixed with a more savage route from his shark nature. His teeth and tail are apart of his weaponry used in his martial arts. He is able to even remove a set of his teeth, regrowing more in mere moments, these teeth able to bite through steel even. His tail was given a piece of armor, acting as a weapon to pierce and slash if need be.


Toyesh possesses the Bososhoku Haki, able to harden different parts of his body at will. This leads to not only a better defense but offense as well. 




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