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NAME: Dean Winchester
AGE: 39
BIRTHDAY: January 24th, 1979
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
EYES: Green/Hazel
LIVING FAMILY: Sam Winchester (brother), Castiel (husband, angel, boyfriend, significant other?)
SPECIES: Human, Vampire, Knight of Hell, Demon, Angel, Michael's Chosen Vessel, Jefferson Starship
FEATURES: Anti-possession tattoo, Soul-brand on left shoulder (from Castiel pulling him out of Hell)
AFFILIATIONS: Hunter, Men of Letters (Legacy), Team Free Will, Team Save the World



✖ Stainless and custom-engraved .45 caliber Colt MK IV Series 80 1911 pistol with ivory grips
✖ Baikal sawed-off, double barrel, break action shotgun
✖ Machete
✖ Ruby's knife, an "ancient demon-killing knife of the Kurds"



As a warning, this player does not play Dean from seasons one and two of the show. This profile is specifically catering to the timeline created in Supernatural: The Road So Far room which diverges after season 11 into making its own content (some of which lines up with the show's content from seasons 12 and 13, some of which doesn't). As such, this is a damaged Dean but also a Dean that has matured beyond the boobs, beer, and pie machismo that the character so relied upon for his charm in the first seasons when they were trying to figure out what the show should be.

Don't get this writer wrong, Dean still loves pie, and beer, and looking at boobs, but they aren't his primary focus in life. Dean struggles with purpose and often relies heavily on the angel, Castiel, whom he is soul-bonded with, to drag him out of the pits of despair. When times get rough, it's hard for Dean to remain hopeful, to see the good in things, because despite his attempts at saving the world, he views himself as a scourge that no one has had the heart to deal with up till now. Of all the people he's tried to save, it's those who matter most to him that he sees himself as repeatedly failing. He feels he's a selfish man who does things based on his heart instead of his head, and the consequences are usually astronomical. Because of these decisions, and not being able to save everyone, he wallows in guilt that he constantly has to tamp down in order to keep moving forward.

Despite all the issues and guilt, Dean's life has improved. His alcoholism is minimal; he occasionally sleeps more than four hours at a go; and he can see something like a future. Having found happiness in his bond with Cas (Destiel is a real thing for this iteration of the character), Dean now is trying to set up for that future that he sees within his reach, not only for himself and Cas, but also his brother Sam and the future of hunting in the United States. In order to offset his failures, he's taken to nurturing some young hunters that have fallen into his path, serving as a father figure as much as a mentor to some that have no one else to turn to. Retirement is on the horizon, but apocalypses keep getting in the way.



✖ Has died over 100 times
✖ Favorites foods are pie, bacon cheeseburgers, and diner food.
✖ Killed Death and Hilter
✖ Can see fairies



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