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Thea Rogers




Full Name Thea Belle Rogers
Nicknames Thea, T, Belle, Blondie, Barbie, Winchester bait, Bitch
DOB March 2, 1989
Species Human
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight (with a tendency for heteroflexibility)
Occupation Hunter - used to be a cop, part of the LAPD's Detective Bureau
Height/Weight 5'7''/ 121 lbs.
Tattoos/Scars Anti-possession tattoo under her left collarbone and a Spanish writing tattoo in red ink on her left side, a quote from the chilean poet Pablo Neruda that translates into “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” She also has multiple scars all over her body that come from her lifestyle as a hunter.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue-green
Weapon of choice SIG Sauer P226 pistol, Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion knife she carries with her plus her silver and iron blades, a customized Colt 1911 9mm that John Winchester gave to her and the Godkiller. But she is well trained with weapons in general.
Car 1969 black Dodge Charger
Theme To Have a Normal Life
Playlist Here


Thea Rogers is what you would call a tough girl. She has embodied a badass, tough personality since she was young and had to take on the role of taking care of her younger sister Allie. Rather than talk about her feelings, Thea will give a sarcastic comment or blow it off as nothing she can't handle, not to worry. A tough girl, she pretends she can take it all while suffering on the inside. Family comes first for Thea and Allie's first in that line, she goes above and beyond the title of big sister and even admits to not wanting to disappoint Allie. She does not come off as caring, but she is a woman who feels deeply, maybe even too deeply. She just hides those feelings.


Confident in herself outwardly almost at all times. Inwardly, while she may doubt, Thea does not give up. She believes in humanity's right to freedom and will fight for it even if obtaining that costs her what she cares most for in the world, she does what needs to be done. This blonde will plan out her attack if she has the time. But if someone she cares for is in danger and time isn't an option Thea has no issue with rushing in guns blazing and make the plan as she goes. She treats most men as a good time; never really letting herself get involved because her life as a hunter doesn't allow her to have a 'normal' life.


This lifestyle has left Thea a little more dangerous than your average human, she will kill if she has to, but 'T' will not kill a human, although she has killed those who were possessed by demons and to save someone she loves she is willing to go to most extremes, though harming children and innocent humans remains outside of Thea's realm of what's acceptable. She can be a good person to talk to and knows a lot about life but you have to get past that brash outer layer and maybe get lucky to find out that there is something a little deeper to her. Thea is not a woman who trusts easily and if someone is a non-human that is even more likely to not happen. Her life as a hunter has taught her to kill the supernatural before it kills humans before it harms people. Her job is to be a 'savior', even if she doesn't feel like one. She likes her music loud, and her taste in music varies from extreme to extreme depending on her mood.



  2. — Her name originally was Theia, but she legally changed it after years of trying to explain to other people how to write it down or pronounce it. And even now, some still struggle with Thea: "It's pronounced: Thee-ah, people!"



— And that's not all she sort of hides about names: her middle name is not really Belle, and though it's not been legally changed most people don't know her full name would be Thea Isabelle Rogers. Not just 'Belle'. 
Granted, most people don't even know she has a middle name, either, so there's that. 


— When her sister died, Thea found a bar and she drank it. Not even kidding, the bar ran out of booze for other customers. It's a miracle she's still alive, we can probably chalk it up to the angel that was around by the end of that drunken episode. #MuchloveforCastiel


— Her favorite color is pink. It's not like she actively hides this, but sometimes she'd love to just be a girly, normal, nice girl. She likes being silly and from time to time, she would love to be treated like a lady instead of the 'tough huntress'. But with the lifestyle she chose, she has to keep up the tough, badass facade. 


— Thea has a small penguin PEZ dispenser that Sam gave to her, and she keeps it with her at all times. They named it Wade and sometime after it happened she gave the younger Winchester a moose dispenser. She named that one Fabio, but Sam wasn't happy about that, so he might have changed it.  




Thea Belle Rogers was born on March 2nd, 1989 in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s the first born daughter of Mathew and Rhea Rogers.

Her childhood and most of her teenage years were spent in the ‘Big Easy’ of Louisiana, having a normal upbringing without much presence of any family other than her parents and her little brother, Alex, who is four years younger than her. Things were easy for her while growing up: a somewhat wealthy family, an outgoing personality and friends that cared about her. That was until 2007, when both Mathew and Rhea died in an inexplicable car accident while coming back home from a mysterious meeting they had with family members Thea had never met before. The death of her parents and the lack of answers became too much to bear for the then 18 years old Thea who was on her senior year of high school, barely managing to graduate while taking care of Alex, having to work part-time as a model to earn money.

She became very protective of her little brother, isolating herself from her old friends and dedicating all of her time to make sure Alex was safe; this attitude became even more intense when she started receiving anonymous messages telling her that her parents had been killed and that she’d have to ‘take care of the family business’ they’d refused to be a part of. She got desperate, not able to find any answers to either the deaths nor this supposed family that she had to get in contact with, not until her mother’s older sister knocked at her door. Aunt Patrice waltzed into her life, telling her about their origins: both her and Alex were the descendants of an old and very powerful bloodline of witches that went back to Catherine Monovosin in France (who apparently was way more than what is historically known about her existence). This coven used to be in charge of protecting New Orleans and the ley lines from all supernatural forces, maintaining the Natural Balance of things. The story even went as far as her family arriving to New Orleans due to Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen herself, who’d called for their help back in 1850.

The story was so hard to process for a girl that had grown up believing that magic was nothing but practical tricks that she decided to pretend it was nothing but a legend, becoming a little wary of Aunt Patrice and her crazy stories but letting her live with her and her brother. Thea tried her best to continue her life, taking care of Alex and working, even attempting to go to college in Los Angeles, California now that Alex had Patrice to take care of him back at home. She started studying communications, her naturally curious spirit loving the nature of that career path—though she never got her degree. Soon after she left New Orleans things started to get messy; different signs started appearing all at once, all the time and everywhere she went, it was as if something was off, like the world trying to tell her that leaving Alex behind with aunt Patrice hadn’t been a good idea. It got so bad that she decided to go back to New Orleans to check on her brother only to find out first handedly that magic was a very real, very dangerous thing: Patrice had been channeling a demon’s power and wanted to pass over her supposed knowledge to Alex, keep the power within the family.

Things got dangerous, her aunt trying to convince Thea to take over the Great coven of New Orleans as it had been her birthright that Rhea had refused to take. That was the big family secret, the very dark magic that ran with the family’s bloodline and Thea wasn’t about to become part of it; it got messy, her attempts to put a stop to Patrice’s intentions of turning Alex into a witch ending with Thea accidentally killing her aunt, right after she confessed that it had been the coven who killed their parents because they refused to take part on their magic and kept both Thea and Alex away from it too. The information was overwhelming for the elder Rogers sister and she couldn’t stay in New Orleans for any longer; so after everything was said and done, she took Alex —who now wanted to become a witch, a white one but still— with her back to California, using what was left from their parents’ money to buy him a house in South Pasadena while she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a cop. She still didn’t want to become part of the supernatural world, even less after finally finding out what had happened to her parents; but despite that, she decided that no one’s little sister, or aunt, or parent would ever die because of those monsters lurking in the dark… or at least something like that; she would stop those who tried to harm innocent people, even if they were not proper demons or monsters. That’s how she ended up working for the LAPD.

Because of all this, she never went back to college to get her communications degree, but Thea put her researching skills to good use when she was promoted to detective. Still not sure about whether all this supernatural world was really something she could force herself to be a part of, she decided to once again try to find information about her family’s coven, mainly because ever since she’d killed Patrice she couldn’t stop thinking about it, about what they’d done and how they were still out there. It got to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore: she had to get rid of that evil that were the witches of New Orleans. Thea quit her job and decided she'd use her knowledge as a cop, and a journalism former student to be able to track and hunt the witches.

The mission almost ended with her life but she survived and came out a completely different person. She realized it would be impossible for her to go back to a normal life, that the person she used to be was now lost forever and that the psychological scars she got would probably never heal. Kissing that person and life goodbye, Thea decided to embrace who she now was and became a hunter of all those supernatural creatures that lurked in the dark. She promised herself she'd save as many people as she was able to, so that nobody would have to go through what she and her sister went through when her parents were killed, if she could help it.










Thea was created for the SPN verse and I will most probably not change her so she fits some other RP. 


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