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Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. But we didn't want to think about that when we built this park. It was our dream. Hammond's dream. We just made it better. Or at least we thought we did. Until an asset escaped containment. Then it all went down hill from there. As soon as my nephews arrived things started getting out of hand. My name is Claire Dearing and I run Jurassic World. Or at least up until all hell broke loose and it did. 



Not easy running a park but sometimes one just has to deal with it. Even if that meant not having a life whatsoever. Even if someone you work with is cute, charming and rough around the edges. I think that is what I like about him. I am always trying to maintain control, him, well, he lacks it. Except when he is working with the raptors. Not to mention...Nevermind. Thanks to Henry Wu all this was possible. He took everything to the brink and created our newest attraction, Indominus Rex. People wanted more teeth, well they got it.



My nephews, Gray and Zach. I don't know much about them to be honest cause I never see them. Never got to spend time with them either. It was always, my career came first. They are the greatest kids an aunt could ever ask for. Not to mention smart, brave and courageous. They even like the idea that my boyfriend is a badass. Anyway, having found their way back to the park means they are survivors. And after what happened, Im sure they'll never forget it.