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"If something chases you, Run!"
NAME: Owen James Grady
NICKNAMES: Raptor Boy, The Dino Whisperer
AGE: 39
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
HEIGHT: 6'2"
BUILD: Toned

SEXUALITY: Very straight
OCCUPATION: Raptor Handler
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Isla Nublar                                                                                                               HOME TOWN:  Chattanooga, TN

PARENTS: Angela Lila Anders-Grady (Mother) Patrick James Grady (Father)
FRIENDS: Blue, Charlie, DeltaEcho  This is Bailey.   I've known her since she was 8 and I was 18.  She might seem grumpy, but that's just part of her charm.  And hey, she's my new roommate.
ENEMIES: Hard work, Lack of beer, Gun-Control advocates, Anyone who wakes him up, Hoskins                               
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Owen Grady was born to very loving parents in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1979.  His father was a retired Naval officer and his mother was a homemaker.  Owen spent most of his time doing two things growing up.  Playing outside until the street lights came on and watching cartoons.  Herculoids, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dinosaucers, and The Flintstones were just a few of his favorites.  It seemed he had a love of all things prehistoric from birth.  Growing up in a southern town usually resulting in some neaderthall sport, which Owen fell into.  Up until his senior year, he played football.  He did it more for his dad than anything else as he couldn't have cared less for sports.  He cared more for video games and comic books. He received a scholarship to the University of Tennessee playing football, but decided to join the navy instead.  After he spent his stint there, he was eventually hired by Simon Mazrani to work at Jurassic World as security; however, Owen had other plans.  He studied the raptors and eventually had permission to become their trainer.   He raises them like his children with respect and love.  No one can get nearly as close to them as he can.                                                                                                                                                         
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Owen has the personality of your typical "tough guy".  He can come off as a jerk, but he gernally has reason to.  He really prefers the company of his raptors more than human contact.   He lives on the very edge of the island in a mobile home overlooking the ocean.  He's content with his TV and motorbike (Which he is always working on).  He can be crass and cold, or sarcastic and charming,  Just depends ont he day you catch him.
This is a super witty and awesome quote.
OOC Info;
"evacuate the island."

- Don't be a douche.  RP is for fun, right?

- Yep.  I got this name first.  I am that Asshole.

- You can not eat him.  Or rape him.  Or any of that weird shit you kids today like.

- I'm PM friendly as long as you have a profile and aren't a moron.

- I try to be polite, but if I'm not interested in play, don't pester.  I will sick the babies on you.

- Sometimes... I really care too much.

- Other times...  I don't give a fuck at all.