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 (OOC:I am PM friendly. Meaning if you send me an OOC post i'll be happy to talk with you for awhile or just send me a starter and i'll see what I can do. I prefer story>smut but I am not at all opposed to smut. A warning though I can be slow to post some days as well as have a tendency to pass out or stay logged in while sleeping so if I don't quickly reply give it some time i'll reply as soon as I am able to.) (As a side note to anyone seeking smut RP he's an ass man to the core so don't be surprised if that's what he goes for. Also since it keeps coming up the man is sterile and will bear no children.As another side note to seeking smut 17 is generally the lowest age I will go for doing so anything younger and it's an instant no. As it seems to halt more RP's than I expected guess I should add this. He has more than one cock,and interior testicals) Thanks for making it here, anyways I needed one of these eventually so here's an F-list that will probably be a forever WIP

 common equipment- pack with small rift within to hold almost unlimited items
Whispersilk cloak-Cloak that blends into the background around the wearer rendering them almost invisible except for a faint outline as well as hiding their scent
various pack of precious and regular medals and ingots for smithing on the go
a well used but reliable anvil as well as a forge and coal and in some cases bundles of wood
there are also odd crafting materials because unknownst by most he is a golem smith able to make these legendary stone or steel beings and being proficient enough to engrave spell wards into them giving a select few the ability to call upon magic

side equipment-several books of lore or tails to pass his time away
a pickaxe well used but sturdy and well able to mine the strongest ores
a large sack within the pack to carry his gold and various gems gathered while mining

Unique abilities-
Brand-mainly used against singular weaker foes Sui forces a connection to the opponent's mind in essence reading their memories and "branding" them as his servant his mark forcing obedience and complete loyalty to the brander for higher level or higher intelligent foes it would likely require needing to weaken or stun them to force an entrance to their mind

shapeshifting(both living and inanimate)-Sui has the ability to shapeshift the more complex and less knowledgeable of an organism he is the harder the shift can become. His forester background gives him much control over shifting into animals both humanoid and feral. Granted his experience of other creatures in the wildlands can be harder for him to use as he knows little of them save for what he has learned through small observations.
His shifting however due to some of his pride in it sometimes his eyes will retain a deeper intellect and keep their silver hue this is one of the few ways to mark him as the shifter he is
The true mark of his mastery however is the ability to take the shape of a non animate object just as a rock to even a common household chair. Partial shifts including within shifts are even more taxing the full shifts these will deplete him quickly but take only so much energy to do them it’s not a constant drain.

Passive Abilities-His inhuman mind is extremely complex hard to read or look into without becoming lost in the rush of senses from his animalistic traits 

Musk Aroma-Sui produces and gives off a soft musk due to his animal abilities while not overpowering they can be distracting or enticing to both male and females though most would find it easy to resist

 (plan to improve on this eventually)*A celestial dragon stands tall his true height unknown to any but himself his scales as black and smooth as a starless night while his whiskers crimson in color hang down still his eyes a soft soul silver smiling showing his dagger long fangs as white as bleached bone his talons restlessly digging at the ground*

(human form) *standing at a height of around 6'8" the pale skinned man was a bit abnormal in height his silver hair faintly visible through his hood which is often pulled up to hide his features his eyes once looked at closely are draconic in nature while being a soft timeless forest green he wears little more than a leather cuirass with leggings with a foresters/rangers cloak that usually hides his features. 3 weapons are usually seen upon him a long bow and quiver with 30 arrows as well as a handaxe and dirk upon his sides. Sui's hair is a light silver looking almost white in the light it's short and shaggy in length almost as if he's always just got out of bed he's thin but not abnormally so while at first glance appears to be rather weak but has hidden strength*

*has many fields of work but is mainly a smith or forester as wildlife has always interested him he thrives best near the city but within the woods.*
*a spell caster as well as a warrior prefers to use the nature around for his spells behaving much as the dryads of the woodland realms. though appearing young has heightened senses from his forest upbringing his light feet coverings made so to let him feel the ground beneath him to "feel" the vibrations of the world around him “Every person every creature has their own unique footfall humans more so than most while feral creature have relatively similar vibrations however things such as the city life can make senseing them individually harder but not impossible"-Sui

Name Suibhne Alias Sui
Age Gender Male
Height 10 ft (unless stated otherwise) Weight varies


Bisexual (dom)

Status polygamist
Hair silver Eyes Cloth covered maybe he'll show you
Species celestial dragon Occupation varies
Theme I serious Theme II joking