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Mangle has pointed ears, a little mask to cover his

missing eye, and a large scar around his throat.


His usual clothes seems to be a combination of a

torn up ball gown/corset and a suit.


Considers himself to be a bit of a diva. Quick to sass

prone to very sudden mood shifts and speaks his

mind to a fault.


Mangle can be rather jittery at times. Pulled apart

and pieced back together so many times that some

of the wiring is crossed and sudden power surges

causes his body to twitch. Which may or may not lead

to accidental "hooking."


It is STRONGLY advised to keep fingers away from his

mouth as his oral fixation leads to him biting on nearly

anything put near his lips.




Five nights at Freddie's character. All art on the profile

is done by Birdapocalypse. Their tumblr is here and all

art will be removed upon request from the creator.

Any and all harrasment is blocked on sight. Open to

PMs otherwise.




Mangle ✖ Sassy Male ✖ 28 ✖ 6'7" ✖Pansexual ✖ FNaF

                   Thanks to Stella for the profile help