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"I had wings once, and they were strongBut they were stolen from me..."

                                                                           - Maleficent


  1. Maleficent: Go no further!
  2. King Henry: A king does not take orders from a winged she-elf.
  3. Maleficent: You are no king to me.


Not that you shouldn't have already seen the movie, but Spoiler Alert ahead:

Maleficent was not an ordinary girl. In fact, one might say that she was quite the opposite, born of faerie blood in the Moors. Unfortunate as the circumstances were, the young girl lost her family soon after her birth and was left to her own devices. Under the care and watchful eyes of her ethereal friends, the young girl blossoms in to a teenager, and finally, a woman. Henceforth she is now the protector of the Moors, her magic the most potent in all the land. She has been charged with protecting the Moors with her very life, and she will not allow any humans who seek to harm it within.


NOTE: My Maleficent is strictly good. She is not the Maleficent post-wing removal but rather pre-wing removal. If asked, I may be persuaded to play the baddie in all of her fine glory, but I prefer the innocence of a warrior woman prior to her downfall.


Treats: M A L E F I C E N T