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 Salutations to you!


Amestris State Military,

Lt. Colonel Brigadier General Maes Hughes, here.

Proud husband to my lovely wife, Gracia.

Father to our absolutely adorable

bundle of cute, Elicia!

They are my pride and joy, and they will forever

hold a place in my heart!


Long-time comrade to the infamous and ambitious

Flame Alchemist, Colonel Mustang,

and extremely skilled sharpshooter, 1st Lt. Hawkeye.

Not to mention, a friend to the ever-energetic

Strong Arm Alchemist, Major Armstrong.

Good friend to the well-known Fullmetal Alchemist,

Edward Elric, and his younger brother, Alphonse Elric.

I have their backs and they have mine.

So, you better think twice if you want

to start trouble with any of us!

Out of Character Half:


Yes, yes.  I know.  Something very unfair,

terrible, and tear-jerking happened to this

character midway through the series,

but so what?  Role play is our battleground,

and we can bend the rules.  Besides, I'm sure a lot

of people wouldn't mind him AU'ing into any

part of the story~


Laws of Life cashed, I'm not open to pairings.

For now.  They're often a hassle to me.

However, the good side is I'm sort of a glutton

for danger.  Sort of what you'd call a

sadomasochist.  In this case, as long as this

guy doesn't suddenly die, I won't mind him

being harmed.  Just don't go putting body

parts where they don't belong.

You know what I mean. ):< Just run by me if

you have any questions.


PM friendly!  Post length is up to one paragraph,

which equals one full box in Yahoo!IM or two boxes

in MSN.  Bad grammar repels me, and drama bores me.

Sounds reasonable, yea'?  Then, we're set!